Company introduction

Shenzhen Create Century Machinery Co.,Ltd (Taikan Precision Machine)was established in 2005, a service provider of high end intelligent equipment integrated solutions, we have Taikan and Yuken two brands. The catagories of CNC machine are complete,including High-speed tapping center series、Hard rail/Line rail vertical machining center series、Gantry machining center series、High-speed engraving and milling machine seriesSpecular machine, Glass engraving machine and other series of precision machining equipment, the major customers are FOXCONN/BYD/Evenwin/Janus/LENS /O-Film/Csot/Sincoo/Chunxing etc., covering the brand of Apple,Samsung,  HUAWEI ,VIVO, OPPO, ZTEand so on,  In China, Taikan has become the leading domestic enterprises of high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing  after these years of development.

The headquarter locates in Baoan district, Shenzhen city, existing three modern manufacturing bases,  with 100000 square meters plant area and more than 1400 workers. The monthly production output reached more than 1800 units. As a national high-tech enterprise, the company has a high-quality professional R & D team, won 100 core technology patents and the product has a complete independent intellectual property rights, award as “the Guangdong famous brand”,” Shenzhen high-tech enterprise”, “National high-tech enterprise”, “Permanent Member Enterprise of Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association”, “"National key equipment manufacturing industry enterprises in 12th Five-Year”,"Deloitte high-tech high growth China Top 50" and other honorary titles, and also passed the certificate of ISO9001 international quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system.

At present, the company's sales and service network spreads the country, with professional after-sales service centers in Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi and other places set offices, to provide customers with comprehensive, convenient and efficient after-sales support.

Looking to the future, we will carry forward the "we always try our best to do better" spirit of enterprise culture. Always adhere to the market and user demand oriented, based on the perfect management system and quality assurance system, continue to provide high-efficiency and high-quality professional services for all the users of metal cutting and glass processing. 



Hong Xiang production base


Nanpu production base


Corporate culture

Corporate mission

To provide precision equipment and quality services to the world, the achievement of customer dreams

Corporate vision

Become the outstanding brand of machinery and equipment, make work and life better

Sense of worth

Customer first, scientific and technological innovation; integrity, hard work; courage to responsibility, win-win cooperation

Human resources in general

Get employees who wish to get a job opportunity; give employees the ability to have opportunities for development; and make the people with the desire and ability to get higher value;

Development Milestone

High-end intelligent equipment overall solution service provider




Spark machine’s manufacturing and selling.

First CNC machine’s launching.

Entering the CNC machine industry


CNC machines’ manufacturing and selling.

Annual turnover exceed 70 million.


Safely passed the economic crisis


Monthly output of machining center reaches 100 sets.


The first generation of drilling and tapping machine developed successfully.

Sales exceed 50 million for drilling and tapping machine.

May: Become Shenzhen Machinery association executive director enterprise.


October: Award as “Shenzhen Love Enterprise”.


Become China Machine Tool Industry Association Member

February: Apply for “High speed spindle” utility model patent successfully.

December: Passed the certificate of ISO9001:2008 quality management system.

Annual turnover exceed 270 million.


Build Hongxiang production base, set bare machine producing branch.

Award as “National high-tech enterprise”

Awardas one of the “Top 100 private enterprises” in Bao’andistrict.

Award as Bao’an district”Independent innovation dominant technology enterprise”

December: Become Shenzhen High-tech industry association member.

December: Successfully apply for“Rapid exchange tools of CNC machine” utility model patent

Annual turnover exceed 580 million


January, Apply for”Drilling and tapping center machine(T-500)” design patent successfully.

January: Apply for “Tool magazine control device and CNC machine” utility model patent successfully.

Grant “Science and Technology Progress Award” by Shenzhen Bao’an district people’s government.


Reorganized and listed, build automation company.

Launched “Intelligent manufacturing” system solution.

Become Shenzhen Baoan district industrial technology innovation alliance party.

Build Nanpu production base, monthly output 1800 sets.

January, Award as “Guangdong Famous Trademark”

February, Become a member of Shenzhen Internet of Things technology application association.

February, Become a council member of Shenzhen Baoan Robot technology innovation alliance.

August, President Zhou Ji of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Shenzhen municipal party secretary Ma Xingrui inspect Taikan Machinery company.

August, Carry out the first batch of stock ownership incentive, the partners take part in the first outward bound.

September, Shenzhen Industrial Robot standard alliance sponsor.

November, Be the No.36 of “2015 Deloitte technology high growth of China’s top 50”

November, Be the No. 7 of “2015 Deloitte technology high growth of China’s top 50”

November, Become vice-chairman uint of Shenzhen intelligent equipment industry association

November, Awardthe best employer of Shenzhen SME machinery industry

December, Award Shenzhen Integrity SME


January , Award as 2015 China Good mobile phone Annual Best Equipment Supplier.

January, Award as Shenzhen Famous Brand

January, Become the 4th council of Shenzhen industrial association governing unit

March, Taikan signed the strategic cooperation agreement with NACHI, developing the intelligent robot.

March, Vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Minister of science and technology Wan Gang and his party visited Taikangroup of intelligent machine manufacturing pilot demonstration projects

April, Become a senior member of the Shenzhen software industry association.

June, Become a member of the Shenzhen City Quality Promotion Council.

June, Award as the "international brand" by CCIA Chinese Communications Industry Association

August Create Century love rescue fund was formally established.

August DonatedRMB50000 to the Hefei Charity Association for post disaster reconstruction.

October Award as Shenzhen intelligent equipment of mechanical 30 years product benchmarking.

October Become the top 175th ofTop 500 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong.

December Become Shenzhen Robot association unit.

December Award as 2016 Shenzhen top 10 robot system integration enterprises.

Honor of Qualification

As a national high-tech enterprises, the company has built a high-quality professional R & D team, has won 100 core technology patents, products with fully independent intellectual property rights.

Brand Construction

Committed to product quality to promote the upgrading of people's quality of life

In order to adapt to CNC industry globalization development, make brand upgrade for customers, Shenzhen Create Century Machinery Co., ltd will change the oriention from professional manufacturer of CNC machine to service providers of high intelligent equipment solutions. It will bring the world instructy with efficient, green, innovative processing application and service experience. Shenzhen Create Century Machinery CO., LTD will provide continuous innovation based on customer’s demand, openly cooperate with partners, devote to providing high equipment solution, product and service, continue to enhance customer experience and create best interest for customers.

Brand structure:

Shenzhen Create Century Machinery CO., LTD own two brands, Taikan and Yuken, covering all series products.

Taikan: Middle and high position, company main brand, fundamental property is high quality and excellent service. Include drilling and tapping machine, parts machine, Hard rail machining center, Line rail machining center, High speed machining center, Gantry machining center, Polishing machine, Glass processing machine, Robot etc.

For customers: stable performance, strong brand awareness and high processing requirements of high-end customers.

Yuken: Cost-effective and new R & D positioning, functional innovation as the main brand attributes, encompassing drilling and tapping machines, high light machine, glass processing machines and other new developed models.

For customers: focusing on affordable and advanced feature.


Brand Strategy:

Through continous brand communications and marketing efforts, enhance brand image and market performance of Create Century, increase the brand value-added space and premium capacity.

By 3--5 years, make Taikan leap from the industrial brand to public brand.

Company Management

Has been committed to improve the corporate governance system, improve the corporate governance structure

Social Responsibility

Our strategy is rooted in our commitment to business ethics, business transparency, cooperation and innovation
Since the inception,Shenzhen Create Century Machinery Co.,Ltd (Taikan Precision Machine) always keep the "good faith" as a core value of the enterprise. Be responsbile for the shareholders, customers, employees and the community and aim to achieve their best value as corporate noble mission. Based on the perspective of enterprise personification, combined with culture connotation and industry characteristics, Shenzhen Create Century Machinery CO., Ltd (Taikan Precision Machine) build up "model of corporate social responsibility". Adhere to the concept of social commitment; be grateful for shareholders, the customers, the employees and society.
Shenzhen Create Century Machinery Co.,Ltd (Taikan Precision Machine) Profoundly realize: the four responsibility depthly reveals the relationship amoung the enterprise existence reason, the company's mission and ambition, the enterprise survival environment and the environment ifself. It makes the enterprise behavior beyond the scope of simple operation and management. Meanwhile, the enterprise pays attention to the evaluation of the various stakeholders and accepts the inspection of all parties concerned.

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