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Service spirit is "take the customer's time more valuable than gold."

It requires service person always take the customer into account, and solve existing problems in time, keep in mind that customer's time is money. We have formed excellent sales service chain, allocated adequate after-sales source, established standardized service teams, hotlines and computer information management system. The internal R&D, production, sales and other departments always take the sevice demand as priority, to ensure the accomplishment of service spirit.

Service purpose is "create value for customers"

Be clear aware that the users persue the benefits and value from the products. This requires the service personnel have integrated service ability, can offer some related information for users from our service, so as to guarantee the user's work, benefit and value.

Service motto is "our services, always and everywhere."

Make the customers feel the service every time and everywhere, this requires the service personnel have integrated service ability, can offer some related information for users from our service, so as to guarantee the user's work, benefit and value.

Service target is "take the customer as center, provide overtime and premium service."

According to the customers, our services carry out customer training, technical advice, customer visits, important cases and other special services, let customers feel not only buy our products, but to buy whole and excellent service.

Service requirements is "concise, comprehensive, proactive and timely"

This requirement is to ensure service person contact the customer initiatively, with the fastest speed, the best way to implement a comprehensive, timely and efficient service for users to save time, and create efficiency. The content of service requirement is interpretation of the spirit of service, the purpose of motto and target.

After Sales Service

Thank you for purchasing Taikan CNC machines. In order to let you better use this product, we promises the following service commitments and offer the service according to the service requirement.

Taikan CNC machines are implemented nationwide warranty service. Whereever you purchase and use the CNC machines, please call our service hotline if there is any non-human failure, we commit rapid response, effective troubleshoooting. Welcome to visit our webisite:, or call the service hotline 400-0081-518 for query.

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To provide precision equipment and quality services to the world, the achievement of customer dreams

To provide customers with world-renowned products and services to meet the diverse needs of users, and industry customers to establish a solid and good relations of cooperation.

Taiwan group precision machine to competitive products, strong professional background, high standards of service for the industry to provide direct, comprehensive and perfect products and solutions. Through professional training, strict review, has a professional pre-sales service team. Taiqun Seiki provides 400-008-1518 and 400-668-6559 of the national marketing hotline maintenance hotline service to customers, and provide different types of services according to the different needs of customers, to ensure the maximum to meet customer needs. A group of precision machine sales team since its inception, a collection of professional consultants and sales staff, from pre-sales consulting service to customer service, to establish a close and lasting and good cooperation relationship with customers in various industries, through high-quality products and efficient services, to create beyond the expected value and profits for our customers.

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