Taikan Precision Honored as “ Annual Best Equipment Supplier

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 2016 Mobile Phone New Force Summit and China Good Mobile Phone Award was hosted by China Communications Industry Association and Guangdong Touching Industry and Application Association, held in Shenzhen Avant-Garde Hotel, where Taikan Precision was commended for its outstanding contribution and expertise in CNC metal drilling and CNC glass precision carving and awarded with trophy cup by China Communications Industry Association.

Mr Luo Yuyin, GM ofCreate Century Company, made a speech in summit and extended special thanks to China Mobile Phone Manufacturing Industry’s attention and approval over our company. He stressed we would continuously offer high-quality product and service for mobile phone industry, guided by our company’s cultural spirit as” Dedicated and strive for doing better”. Also Mr Luo talked about CNC machine tool’s application in the field of 3C industry, analyzed the changes that intelligent equipment bring into mobile phone industry and showcased some achievement we made in automation, flexibility and integration for mobile phone manufacturing, also he had a brief experience sharing and communication with the seated experts of mobile phone industry . Currently our product series are involved in mobile phone metal cutting and back case, glass processing and precision parts processing and so on. With growing development for more than 10 years, we become a leading service provider of high-end intelligent equipment.

In 2014, about 1.6 billion sets of mobile phone were produced in China, accounted for 85% of global output of mobile phone, and 80% of these mobile phone were manufactured in Shenzhen-based companies, this data shows Shenzhen plays a role as hub for mobile phone manufacturing industry. While mobile phone’s production can’t be done without CNC machine tool, just because we have many high-tech CNC companies including Taikan Precision, focusing on technical innovation to continuously provide high-quality equipment for mobile phone manufacturing, working as indispensable force to build up glory of Shenzhen mobile phone industry.

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