The first batch of national intelligent manufacturing pilot

The first batch of national intelligent manufacturing pilot


    “New Model of Mobile Terminal Metalworking Intelligent Manufacturing” has been selected as pilot demonstration project by Ministry. It’s the first batch of national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project for the State Industry and Information Technology in 2015. Once the project comes into operation, it will improve 20% of production efficiency; reduce 20% of operating cost, and decrease 30% of R&D period, lower 30% of defects.


    This project can make the connectivity of overall physical information and MES etc. software, and two-way data collected. By MES system, it can release the order to the machine and synchronize the network if there is any design change. The production situation will be organized into the control system, such as controlling and analyzing the quality based on the machining instant data, launching automatic material feeding according to machining quantity, monitoring the machine operation and tool situation. The automatic intelligent controlling system can obtain large information from the spindle current data. It can inspect the system stabilization from daily regular empty running, also can improve operation method, increase 22.9% operation rate. From the spindle current discrepancy, it will shut off the tool, and stop machining if the tool broken, make the failure of tool issue be zero based on automatic induction, decision, performing.


    The project can make the CNC materials transfer to be finished goods by combining the function of assembly line system, robot feeding and refueling, flexible moving trolley. It achieves automatic production for the factory.




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