Small Specular Machine S-450

Small Specular Machine S-450

  • Core selling point
    Natural marble stable body design

    South Korea imported 100000RPM pneumatic spindle

    • aluminum punching / die-casting process
    • high-polishing aluminum machining
    • SUS stamping parts processing

    • Injection cover process

    Product features
    1、The best stability of structure design ensure accuracy of high speed moving.
    Marble body design, stable equipment, effectively ensure the stability of high speed machining  to achieve high precision parts.
    2、Using numerical control system to avoid failure.

    Good look and easy operation, for long-term mass production, using integrated numerical control system, can avoid the crash phenomenon caused by virus due to PC card inserted and pulled, maintain working stability.

    3、 Automatic oli-filling device effectively prevent parts rust.

    Equipped with automatic lubricating device, can avoid rusty for screw L/M and other parts and extend the service life of equipment components
    4、Installation of AVR voltage regulator to ensure the voltage stable.
    Installation of AVR regulator, effectively avoid voltage instability caused by electrical interference or external device control, and reduce damage to the spindle and the machine.
    5、Anti-penetration cutting structure to ensure the normal operating rate
    Anti-X, Y, Z axis screw L / M and other cutting permeability structure design to ensure the device availability rate.
    6、High precision, large diameter and big pitch screw effectively eliminate the juddering.
    Use large diameter and big pitch screw , effectively eliminate  the juddering during high speed machining, ensure stability and high precision machining
    7、Equipped with imported brand parts to enhance general performance.
    Equipped with imported brands of electric, pneumatic parts to improve equipment performance, extend service life.
    8、Processing large range of products, wider the application.
    Platform size 450 * 350 mm,  processing scope 420 * 320 * 120 mm, Z axis installation up to 190 mm, can process larger product parts and components, extend vertical machining range.
    9、Advanced assembly process to provide excellent quality machine.
    The introduction of foreign advanced assembly techniques and inspection standards, strict process management, all efforts are made to ensure the machine excellent quality.

    Item description Unit S-450
    Working table size   (length*width) mm 450*350
    Travel X axis mm 450
    Y axis mm 350
    Z axis mm 120
    Distance from spindle nose to working table mm 70-190
    Spindle speed rpm 500-100000
    Spindle power kw 0.75 (air spindle,manual )
    Spindle taper # diameter 6、 ER11 (COLLET TYPE)
    Three axis rapid traverse rate m/min 20/20/20
    Cutting speed m/min 1-9000
    Air pressure demand Kg/cm² 7
    Total power consumption kw 3
    Three axis Positioning accuracy mm 0.010/300
    Three axis Repeat accuracy mm 0.005
    Maximum load Kg 80
    Machine weight (estimated) Kg 1000
    Overall dimensions (length * width * height) mm 1200*1350*1600
    Tool change method   Munual
    Unprocessed measurement compensation   Optional probe automatic compensation
    Vacuum suction Kg/cm² -1
    Power Requirements   AC220V (2P) 50-- 60HZ
    Machine cover   standard half-face (optional full-face)

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