Parts and Products Processing Center T-V6

Parts and Products Processing Center T-V6

  • With big stable column, high-speed displacement without vibration, no deformation, fast feed up to 48 m/min, the Z axis adopts brake type servo motor, non-counterweight design, to enhance Z axis drive performance and achieve the best surface precision in 3D processing.


    1. The three axis adopt ball linear rail, with high rigidity, low noise, low friction, to get the best cycle precision. And uses back chip removal to save the space well.

    2. Three axis adopt high rigid ball linear slide rail, effectively improve load capacity and rigidity, with Japan-made servo motor, its high speed processing and fast movement shorten the positioning time and significantly improve productivity, especially for automobile parts and IT parts processing.

    ■ X/Y/Z axises adopt the high precise linear slide rail, to ensure the positioning accuracy when the machine runs in high speed.

    ■ The machine bed, spindle and other key parts are made of meehanite cast iron, with proven good stability per 3D dynamic element analysis, to acquire reliable precision in process of high-speed cutting.

    ■ Three aixs ball screw uses Taiwan C3 precision ball screw, the ball screw motor and bearing adopt imported P4-class combination of special high-speed bearing, all three axis ball screw perform pre-tension, to get stable performance and improve the efficiency of axial power transmission;

    ■ With ultra-wide base, extended saddle and solid cross-bar design to keep stable and load capicity during high-speed displacement.

    ■ Straight spindle, linked with rigid coupling driven by Mitsubishi or Fanuc motor, it effectively avoid lateral stress and noise caused by belt connection, as well as the accuracy deviation generated in gear wear. Its maximum rotational speed can be up to 15000RPM, which is suitable for light cutting and medium& heavy cutting, so as to guarantee high efficiency and precision in processing.

    ■ Built-in spindle can eliminate the thermal stress well.

    ■ Adopts European-style P-class, ball bearing linear rail,  affordable load, support quick displacement  and ensure positioning precision.

    ■Ball screws are equipped with supporting mechanism, which improves the efficiency of axial power transmission.

    Item description unit T-V6
    Working table size mm 700*400
    Travel X axis mm 600
    Y axis mm 390
    Z axis mm 450
    Work table T slot -Dimensions mm 3-18*125
    Distance from spindle nose to working table mm 190-640
    Distance from spindle center to body surface mm 480
    Spindle speed(standard) mm 50-12000
    Spindle taper # BT-40
    Spindle power kw 5.5
    X axis rapid traverse rate m/min 48
    Yaxis rapid traverse rate m/min 48
    Z axis rapid traverse rate m/min 48
    Cutting speed mm/min 1-10000
    Three axis motor power kw 1.5/1.5/3.0
    Maximum tool weight kg 8
    Tool length mm 300
    Maximum diameter (Full knife / adjacent empty knife)) mm 78/120
    Tank capacity L 150
    Air pressure demand kg/m3 6
    Total power consumption kva 15
    Positioning accuracy mm 0.005
    Repeat accuracy mm 0.003
    Maximum load kg 300
    Machine weight (estimated) kg 3100
    Overall dimensions (length * width * height) mm 1900*2510*2480
    Tool storage capacity pcs 20


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