Line Rail Processing Center T-8L

Line Rail Processing Center T-8L

  • Combine hard rail and line rail advantage, both X/Y axis adopt line rail, rapid speed, small rolling friction resistance , convenient lubrication, long-term stability, is suitable for the small scrap rate requirement, fast feeding auto parts processing, mechanical processing, mold manufacturing, and other fields. The Z axis uses hard rail, turning and cutting force is bigger when machining(cast iron, cast copper), can effectively avoid lathe bed vibration problem, not only guarantee the machining efficiency, also ensure the machining accuracy. Apply on automated processing of medium and small parts required high precision and high efficiency.

    Item description Unit T-8L
    Working table size mm 1000*500
    Travel X axis mm 800
    Y axis mm 500
    Z axis mm 500
    Work table T slot -Dimensions mm 5-18*90
    Distance from spindle nose to working table mm 160-660
    Distance from spindle center to body surface mm 560
    Spindle speed(standard) mm 50-8000
    Spindle taper # BT-40
    Spindle power kw 7.5
    X axis rapid traverse rate m/min 24
    Y axis rapid traverse rate m/min 24
    Z axis rapid traverse rate m/min 16
    Cutting speed mm/min 1-10000
    Three axis motor power kw 2.0/2.0/2.0
    Maximum tool weight kg 8
    Tool length mm 300
    Maximum diameter (Full knife / adjacent empty knife)) mm 75/150
    Tank capacity L 200
    Air pressure demand kg/m3 6
    Total power consumption kva 15
    Positioning accuracy mm 0.008
    Repeat accuracy mm 0.005
    maximum load kg 450
    Machine weight (estimated) kg 4500
    Overall dimensions (length * width * height) mm 2660*2370*2740


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