Gantry machining center T-30L

Gantry machining center T-30L

  • Gantry machine series are widely used in aerospace, automobile, precision mould and parts processing industry, to provide high reliability of the mechanical system and  software interface with diversity, selectivity, easy operating, thoroughly make high-precision dreams come true.

    Large columns and beams supporting box structure, ensure the best of rigidity. The beams adopt hatchback design, the dilated sliding wide the stress surface, the average center of gravity  is close to the head center of the beam, all these is to achieve better precision of movement and ultra strong ability of heavy chips.  The overall structure highlights the unique high stability, professional design of center symmetric spindle system. Equip the exact configuration of the spindle, spindle motor, ball screw and variable heavy oil pressure cylinder position, to avoid unbalance torque generated deflection temperature, so as to maintain optimum accuracy condition. Z axis variable  heavy oil cylinder uses suspension support , close to the moving center of gravity position, with the optimal configuration of the center of the symmetrical spindle and drive screw motor , to eliminate unbalanced torque, to ensure the micro feed of the fixed line and long-term precision. Y-axis square rail slide with all travel sustained  is to ensure the best stability.(X,Y,Z hard rail)

    Items Description T-30L
    Working table size (length*width) (mm) 3000*1400 3000*1800 3000*2300
    T slot(number*width*distance) 7-22*200 9-22*200 11-22*200
    Max. load(kg) 10000 10000 12000
    X axis travel 3000 3000 3200
    Y axis travel 1800 2200 2700
    Z axis travel 900 1000 1000
    Distance from spindle nose to working table 150-1050 310-1310 310-1310
    Gantry width(mm) 1800 2200 2700
    Z anxis counterweights Hydraulic + nitrogen oxygen balance Hydraulic + nitrogen oxygen balance Hydraulic + nitrogen oxygen balance
    Spindle speed 4800 4800 4800
    Spindle taper BT50 BT50 BT50
    Spindle diameter 190 200 190
    Spindle(drive ratio) Belt driven 1:1.25
    Gear box 1:1/1:4
    Belt driven 1:1.25
    Gear box 1:1/1:4
    Belt driven 1:1.25
    Gear box 1:1/1:4
    Three axis cutting feed rate 10-7000 10-7000 10-7000
    3 axis movement speed 12/12/10 12/12/10 12/12/10
    Positioning accuracy Free 0.012/1000 Free 0.012/1000 Free 0.012/1000
    Repeatability accuracy Free 0.008/1000 Free 0.008/1000 Free 0.008/1000
    Spindle drive moto (continuous/30min) 18.5/22 18.5/22 22/26
    X、Y、Z drive moto 7/4.5/4.5 7/4.5/4.5 9/7/7
    Dimension length*width*height(mm) 9000*3800*4800 9000*4500*5000 10000*5500*5000
    Weight(estimated)(kgs) 22500 33500 43500

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