High-speed drilling and tapping machine T-500H

High-speed drilling and tapping machine T-500H

  • Features: suitable for the production of various shapes of complex two, three-dimensional concave and convex model of the complex cavity and surface,the three axis high speed displacement can reach 60m/min, the speed is fast, and the processing time is greatly saved, applicable to the workshop processing parts, especially for the 3C industry.


  • Items Description Unit T-500H
    Working table size mm 620*390
    Stroke X axis mm 500
    Y axis mm 390
    Z axis mm 320
    Work table T slot -Dimensions mm 3-14*120
    Distance from spindle nose to working table mm 180-500
    Distance from spindle center to body surface mm 445
    Spindle speed mm 50-24000
    Spindle taper # BT-30
    Spindle power kw 3.7
    X axis rapid traverse rate m/min 60
    Y axis rapid traverse rate m/min 60
    Z axis rapid traverse rate m/min 60
    Cutting speed mm/min 1-30000
    Three axis motor power (X、Y、Z) kw 1.5/1.5/2.2
    Maximum tool weight kg 2.5
    Tool length mm 200
    Maximum diameter (Full knife / adjacent empty knife) mm 50/65
    Tank capacity L 150
    Air pressure demand kg/m3 6
    Total power consumption kva 12
    Positioning accuracy mm 0.005
    Repeat accuracy mm 0.003
    maximum table load kg 250
    Machine weight (about) kg 3100
    Overall dimensions (length * width * height) mm 1690*2600*2600
    Tool storage capacity pcs 16
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